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Truck Dealer Programs

As a truck dealer, you know that the availability of financing can make or break a deal. To help meet sales goals and boost revenue, offer quick and easy financing to your customers with Pelagic Capital. With affordable payment options and an application only process, Pelagic Capital helps you help your customers gain access to the funds they need, fast. Our experienced team knows your industry and has the expertise you want in a lender, with more than 20 years’ experience serving the trucking industry.

First Time Buyer

We have several different truck financing programs that are specifically targeted towards to 1st time Buyers and have approved thousands of drivers over the past 20 years. The rates and down payment amount will ultimately depend on the applicants’ credit, financial position, job opportunity, and past driving experience. We want you to look at us as a partner in your new business. We will work with you to make your payments affordable and allow you the opportunity to buy your first truck and be on your way to a successful career in the trucking industry.

Challenged Credit

Are you looking for commercial truck financing with bad credit? Have you tried to finance a truck only to be turned away because your credit score is too low due to a few dings or simply because your credit isn’t well-established yet? Pelagic Capital is here to assist! We have been financing truck purchases for over 20 years placing us among the nation’s most experienced lenders, specializing in helping people with less-than-perfect credit scores. Bad credit can haunt you at every turn. It can even prevent you from growing your business and we know that the old adage is true: it takes money to make money. We focus on your future, not your past!



Application Only


Fast Approvals


Mileage up to 1,000,000


Low Down Payments


Easy Documentation


New and Used Equipment

We can help you with...

Class 8 truck financing 100%
New Truck financing 50%
Medium duty truck financing 68%
Dealer finance programs 88%

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